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1. Thou shalt not donate porn.

2. Thou shalt not attempt to donate dozens of boxes of books the day before the sale begins.

3. Thou shalt not donate books that are falling apart.

4. Thou shalt not donate books covered in dust, fluids, or other filth.

5. Thou shalt not donate VHS tapes that thou recorded at home while watching television.

6. If the books have been in boxes for longer than one month, thou shalt inspect the boxes for bugs, dead or alive, and remove any found before donating.

7. Thou shalt not donate used workbooks or coloring books.

8. Thou shalt inspect the books for any personal papers and remove them before donating.

9. Thou shalt not donate items the library has said it does not want.

10. If donating books while the library is closed, thou shalt clearly identify them as donations and leave them in a place protected from rain.