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I'm usually not a person to do impulse spending. I keep lists of things I want or need to buy and generally do a good job of sticking to those lists, including books. But not long ago I had almost an hour to kill in a bookstore, which is always a dangerous situation when it comes to restraint.

I already own three copies of "The Snow Queen," two of which are illustrated. Then I saw it: a hardcover volume of the fairy tale with thick, crisp paper and full of color illustraions by printmaker and textile designer Sanna Annukka. The pictures are gorgeous, with bold colors and full of personality, different from most other fairy tale picture books you'll see. Some of my favorites are the illustrations of the hobgoblin, the Robber Girl, and the Snow Queen herself. The text of the story is translated by Jean Hersholt and is very enjoyable.

If you've been looking to treat yourself to an illustrated edition of a fairy tale, get your hands on this one.